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How we help

Change management

Provision of change management services is typically done by practitioners who haven't 'been there' and 'done that'. This is not the case with Argentio. All people working for and with our organisations are individuals who have helped build organisations from the ground up.

Corporate governance

Internal structures have the potential to both help and hinder organisational progress. We assist in redesigning the organisation to remove impediments to operational efficiency whilst at the same time assisting to maintain risk control strategies.

Business development

Argentio can help you look at key business development opportunity and prepare key pursuit plans to both maximise conversion and also risk assess items within your organisation that need to change to win work.

Strategic risk analysis

Are you looking at an acquisition? The majority of acquisitions fail as a result of a lack of an assessment as to the true cost of transition, integration and change management required to combine entities. Let us help you.

Our philosophy

Change management affects all, is participated in by all, but lives or dies by support from the top.

The why of an organisation needs to be clearly unpacked with boards and executive management level first, and then the rest of the organisation can succeed with the change.

Before you call

  • Examine whether your organisation is willing to change.
  • Get senior management and board-level buy-in.
  • Allocate resources (time, people and budget) to the project.